Institute Of Chartered Management Association (ICMA) is proud to present The International Journal of Education Leadership & Development (IJELD)). Under the esteemed Editorship of  Prof. R C Malhotra Former Director IIT Kanpur, this newly emerged online journal will consist of two Volume per calendar year with three Issues per Volume, comprising:

  • Articles based on concluded or ongoing research

  • Working papers and or review papers

  • Guest Editors Special Editions

  • Case Studies

  • Research Notes/Resumes

  • Book Reviews

  • Article Reviews

  • Scope of the journal

    This journal formulates a significant part to the further academic and development intention of the Institute Of Chartered Management Association vision in providing evidence of its growing global authority in the arena of global welfare and importance of education. In its initial role out and continuing development, the journal will:

  • Publish original article papers in the areas of: educational leadership, teacher leadership, importance of leadership in development in various cultures etcetera.

  • Embrace and engage the educational community globally and in so doing;

  • Foster meaningful debate in and around the development of effective leadership at all levels in organisations/institutions, giving rise to;
  • The compilation and continuance of a highly prestigious journal, providing a substantial source of reference material for leaders in education.
  • All the contributions submitted by 31 October shall be considered for December issue and those submitted by March 31 shall be considered for June issue.

    For additional information and submission, guidelines please contact:

                       Copyright@ijeld 2011