Giving a birth to girl child has been considered as omen, in country where even earth, water, cow etc. is treated as Mother that is a paradox. In many parts of India, the arrival of a baby girl calls for mourning rather than celebration. Abandoning them at birth or marrying them off as children is common practice. Looked upon as huge social and economic burden, leading to foeticide, it is hardly surprising that many families in India don't see the point in investing in their girls' education and do not send them to school.

    According to Government of India statistics that only 3 out of 10 girls who enter class 1 complete class 10. While enrolment rates of girls are improving marginally in India, dropout levels remain alarmingly high. At primary school level, over 45% of girls’ dropout of school and this increase to over 73% by the time the child has reached class 10. Our research has shown that reasons for this dropout may be as minor as the girl child not being able to afford a school dress/uniform to go to school and could also include more complex factors like girls taking on the responsibility of household chores at a very young age as a result of gender stereotyping.

    Project Roots is a participatory project where any individual or corporate can sponsor the education of a disadvantaged girl child at Rs. 2500 a year for a girl studying in primary class 1 - 5 and Rs. 3700 a year for a girl studying in secondary class 6 - 12. The payment be sent along to GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION, in account details: Each Roots donor receives a detailed profile of the girl they sponsor along with her photograph and progress report at six month intervals that keeps them updated of the progress of the Roots Girl Education they sponsor.

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