GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION is consistently making efforts to provide comprehensive solutions to the mental health needs of our society. We have launched multiple innovative programs to reach out across communities. Our bouquet of services includes community outreach projects, conducting action researches, School contact programs, training projects for barefoot counsellors and psychology students, advocates, social worker, OPD service for people with mental health needs, awareness drives, multi media campaigns and many more!

    All our programs are geared towards the goal of demystifying mental health for the public, undoing the stigma attached with those suffering from mental illnesses and addressing the demands of psycho social care and legal support is severely lacking in our society. Our focus is always the person and not the problem, which enables us in providing positive, proactive and preventive mental health services to people.

    Our psychologists receive anywhere between 10 15 calls in a day. The most prevalent problems range from depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, low self-esteem, anxiety attacks, suicidal ideation and issues of dealing with people with mental illness by family members. Through SPARSH, we spend time to listen, understand and provide support to the callers. Myths are dispelled around mental health issues and psycho education is provided to the callers to sensitize them about their current concerns and adequate steps to be taken are suggested. Information on availability of resources within the community for their assistance is also provided. We ensure that each caller is attended to with utmost sensitivity and care.

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