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Global Development Foundation- Nurturing Leaders

Is a non-profit, non-partisan organization established in 2008 by leading educationists, administrators, doctors, social workers, managers etc., with an object to meet to the emerging need for global development. We are deeply concerned for lopsided development, more divide between rich and poor, digital divide, socio-cultural divide. Etc. We strive to fill the gap between different groups. We enable needy individuals and groups who are culturally, socially, and economically stranded from other population segments, to become self-sufficient, healthy and viable - in some instances in the context of recovery from widespread, often emergent, societal crisis. We help them to develop and sustain the human (intellectual) and material capital and infrastructure necessary to sustain, expand and exploit their own, economic and social well-being, not only to their own benefit, but to that of their larger national host. We facilitate their transformation from total dependency or unhealthy independence, to healthy economic cross-cultural interdependency based on their own social self-sufficiency.


Providing Quality Education & Health to all for Global Devlopment.


To provide professional education, training and coaching over a diverse spectrum of disciplines.

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The Core Values as a Guiding Philosophy are:

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Providing Quality Education & Health to all for Global Devlopment.